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Legend Distribution have been building their partner portfolio since they started business in 2008, selecting vendors to complement the strategic direction of Legend business focus. In line with this strategy, Legend as a channel member can pass on quality products, competitive prices and excellent customer service to its customers.

In addition to this, Legend Distribution have also been chosen by many vendors to exclusively distribute into the Asia Pacific Market.

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Partners of Legend Distribution

IP solutions

Founded in 2004, NUUO uses advanced and comprehensive technologies to enhance surveillance cameras to high standards demanded by our Intelligent Surveillance Solution. Combining NVR and NDVR Hybrid technologies with IVS detections guaranteed NUUO a successful entry into the security industry marketplace quickly.

Phone accessories

Bling My Thing

Armorz Inc has grown to become a leader in the device industry, manufacturing cases and accessories for some of the industry's best know brands.It has quickly became a leader in design and manufacture of today's popular devices, such as iPhone, iPod and Blackberry accessories as well as cables and chargers.

Bracketron is the industry leader in universal mounting solutions and accessories for many of today's most popular mobile and handheld technologies, including GPS, smart phone, cell phone, MP3, satellite radio, laptop and netbook.

Founded in 2005, Bling My Thing has been widely recognised as a pioneer of crystal mosaic art, led by the Japanese designer Ayano Kimura. Bling My Thing offers a broad range of unique crystal customisation services on objects such as mobile phones, iPods, gaming consoles, clothes and cars.

Passion, innovation and technology brought the founders of DRACOdesign together to create accessories that truly differentiate your mobile internet devices.


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GelaSkins is home to the best iPod skins on the planet. Add style to your iPod with custom designs from artists around the world.

ZAGG Incorporated designs, manufactures, and distributes protective coverings, audio accessories, and power solutions for consumer electronic and hand-held devices, under the invisibleSHIELD, ZAGGaudio, and ZAGGskins brand names, primarily in the United States and Europe.

Its invisibleSHIELD brand includes protective film coverings designed primarily for iPods, laptops, cell phones, digital cameras, personal digital assistants, MP3 players, watch faces, global positioning systems, gaming devices, and rotary blades of military helicopters.

Incipio was established in 1999 by a group of gadget-obsessed designers. Continually fusing fashion with function, Incipio was founded on the premise that quality and value should go hand in hand. Incipios primary focus is to deliver exceptional products through superior engineering.

The companys credo, The Art of Protection, signifies the delicate balance of style and creativity while delivering unparalleled protection and function. Incipios product line includes cases and power solutions for the Apple iPhone and iPod, BlackBerry smartphones, netbooks, and notebooks.

Just Mobile
New Potato

iSkin is an ongoing philosophy that encompasses the innovation of cool. Everything we touch we embody independent design and free thought with the sole intention of satisfying those who embrace our offerings. What you have come to understand and what you will remember us by are products developed through love and appreciation for technology.

Just Mobile was founded in 2005 with a mission to bring you the best accessories available to complement your mobile lifestyle.

Incorporating cutting-edge design into unique, stylish and effective solutions, youˇll find a complete range of Just Mobile accessories to help you get more done.

LifeProof is a young vibrant company based in San Diego that designs, manufacturers and markets LifeProof cases for all-environmental protection, functionality and interactivity to SmartPhones and Tablet PCs.

The registered brand name 'LifeProof' is inspired by the protection and fully functional convenient operation of the device in rain, in water while swimming or surfing, in mud, sand, dust, snow or ice. The company mantra is 'Freedom' - freedom to be connected anywhere with your mobile device; freedom to build relationships, gain knowledge, exercise, and juggle work; freedom for all people anywhere to go everywhere

New Potato is currently focused on extending the amazing iPhone, iPod, and iPad platforms into new innovative areas. The company has delivered solutions and technologies for a wide range of applications including mobile device accessories, electronic toys, video games, videoconferencing, interactive television, computer graphics, presentation systems, industrial automation and control, and a full suite of software solutions for PC and embedded systems.

Ten One Design

Ecosol technology is paving the way for alternative energy sources in everyday applicationst hrough extensive research and development, Ecosol is striving to become the world's leader in intelligent energy storage.

Ecosol continues in its unwavering commitment to forwarding the world's knowledge in smart energy storage and management. Our advanced research and engineering department consistently realizes new technologies that provide exceptional efficiency, unheard of until today. Learn more by visiting our patents profile.

The headquarter of Powersupport (Japan) was established in 1994 by President Ryoichi Mase ( Powersupport focus on high quality accessories manufacturing and have been working on new products development with our own team. By having a independent production line in Japan, we guarantee the products manufactured quality with the most stringent quality control.

At the moment, Powersupport's production line includes: Apple Computer and some smartphone accessories, video game mainframe and PSP accessories. In order to offer fresh and artistic design accessories to protect the consumersˇ electronic products.

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Swiftpoint is a New Zealand-based, technology company that seeks to improve people's computer experiences by introducing novel, well-designed peripheral technology products. The company was renamed Swiftpoint, from Simtrix, in 2009 to reflect the company's focus on its ingenious laptop mouse product, the Swiftpoint Mouse.

Ten One Design, LLC is a design firm based in Montclair, NJ specializing in solutions for the mobile lifestyle. We'd love to hear what you think of our products.

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